A Few Favourites

These are some of my favourite paintings …

At the top we have “Princess” – I painted this a few years ago for an auction held to raise funds for an organisation here in Cape Town called Ikhaya Le Themba who do amazing work into the under-priviledged communities in training people up in home-based care for those who are ill with HIV, TB or other debilitating diseases.

This as well as managing many community upliftment projects makes them an incredible group to support in their initiatives.

The painting of the two men called “Strength” was done the following year for them as well.
The little girl in the box called “Banõs Baby” was done when my husband and I returned from a 6 month back-packing / volunteer trip to South America in 2000. I took the photo of this little baby sitting in her “playpen” while her mom manned her stall at a market. She seemed quite happy to sit in her little box…

All of my paintings are acrylic on canvas and the above are around 1m x 750cm.


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