My latest painting!!
I wasn’t sure what the title should be. I thought that this very distinguished looking old gentleman had an air of wisdom, strength and dignity about him and that he has probably seen so much in his lifetime.
I picture him telling stories to young children of the way it was when he was a child and how NEW isn’t always BETTER and encouraging them to find JOY in the simple things in life and to never take anything for granted.
So I put it out there… you know, on facebook….
Status: This is my latest painting. It needs a name … any suggestions?
I got some great responses: Wisdom, Oom Sarel, There was an old man with a beard…, Man of Dignity, Papa, Time meets History, Lekker ou Jan, ‎Gogo Solomon
Well I think he is very wise and if Wisdom had a name it would be “SOLOMON”

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