Something Blue

When I was an ART student all those years ago life was so much fun!

We were learning new things everyday – new mediums, processes, styles, approaches – it was really great!

And of course we also tried out crazy hairstyles & colours (I went deep purple for a bit) and the clothes!!! Everything had to be hand-made, second-hand or at least look hand-made or second-hand…..

At that time I met a really cool girl who soon became my best friend and flatmate. Oh the things that flat saw…. There was paint everywhere!! If it wasn’t on a canvas (usually rushing at 4am to try get the paint to dry for tomorrow’s deadline), it was on the walls (the bathroom was also deep purple for a bit) and especially the furniture.

Lyndsay always had a funky cupboard, corner unit, table or shelving unit covered in one or other shade or bluish purplish something.

Over the years we have both gone our separate ways – I’m in Cape Town, South Africa and she is (as far as I can work out) living on the Island of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands!

And so over the years many things may have changed but one thing remains – she is STILL into painting furniture (among other amazing things). I have SO been enjoying checking out her blog and seeing 1) that she is still as artsy as ever 2) she still has a passion for style, design, colour & painting furniture and 3) she is still inspiring others to enjoy their passions.

I am very inspired.

Please go check out her blog: Something Blue Living.

4 responses to “Something Blue

  1. Thanks Andrea, you were my partner in crime!! I dont think we left a single piece unpainted! I still remember that chair you did, how amazing, you were always much better than me! love this blog, keep at it and hopefully see u soonxx

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