The Lord is my Shepherd

I was asked to make a very special 10th Birthday Gift last week for a friend.

Her daughter’s favourite portion of scripture is Psalm 23 so she asked me to paint it onto two canvasses, 40 x 40cm each, to go onto her bedroom wall.


What a beautiful gift from a mom to her little girl – a daily reminder of Who takes care of her.


5 responses to “The Lord is my Shepherd

  1. The canvases are lovely and something the girl can keep in her home forever. Well done for making the scripture something to display always. I have in my mind that I’d like to do a wall hanging on the fruits of the spirit but as yet I’ve not seen a design that’s not all about grapes (grapes are so popular for this piece of scripture).

  2. Really beautiful piece of art.
    The first book I read this year is called “A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23”.
    It really opens your eyes to the deep meaning of Psalm 23. (Its available from R39.00) Really worth the read.

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