Cats & Dogs (& a little mouse)

My latest kiddies ART – Kitty taking a plane ride and Doggy taking a train ride.

Both are done with acrylic paint on canvas – 60 x 45 cm.

The inspiration for the Dog came from our very own Chocklit – our little fluffy family hound.

We have noticed that there is a tiny mouse who visits our house from time to time. We have actually witnessed him enter through Chocklit’s doggy door, run straight past Chox and Chox doesn’t even flinch.

So we muse that they are actually firm friends who have an agreement in place – Chocklit pretends not to notice the mouse and allows him to take scraps from his bowl and in return the mouse takes Chox out on adventures when we’re not around. Hence the mouse taking the dog on a train ride…. 🙂

The Chokster ….


3 responses to “Cats & Dogs (& a little mouse)

  1. Love your blog, Andrea! Your Choccie story made me realise how much i miss the creative stuff. I used to make up stories about our Jack Russell, Cujo. Did you know he owned a yellow Vespa scooter and got up to all sorts of wild and wonderful adventures in the Cape?!

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